Monday, August 22, 2011

Old Friends and wal-marts

I went to wal-marts in the new car. rode good and was air conditioned, bought all the anti-fungal creme and spray they had and non brand Tylenol.

I bought a book and it is Betty's at Harrison fault. She told me about it and I had heard about the book already. I bought the book "the help" and it cost 11.20 more than I give for A Book usually but I wanted it and when I got to the check out Janet paid! Looked on the net and they were selling for 14.95 so I guess I did OK.

I got Sam a for sale sign for his chickens and if he is gone when people stop I will sell out!

I have a friend named Betty here in town , I saw her and got her phone number. I had lost it. Betty has been married 4 times. her first husband died the other day and I told her I wanted to call and tell her "well you got rid of another." it is nice to have an old Friend that you can say any thing to and they know it is a joke.she has been Buell by birth then Deweese, then another that I can never remember his name, now , then a Asbury and now a Bishop. When she married Bishop I told her she had got her initials back.


Donna said...

I'm on the waiting list for that book (as an ebook for my Nook) at the library. I'm anxious to read it.

Anonymous said...

I have read the Help and this week end I saw the movie. The book is better than the movie. It is light easy reading. The lady who wrote the book grew up loving the black maid and feeling closer to her than either of her parents. Her parents got a divorce and did not have time for their own children. But you paid over ten bucks and what will you do with the book after you read it.

I have a few books to send you when I can get to post office.

Winnie said...

I loved the book and the would be hard for me to say which I loved more

Sister--Three said...

Love you. I am sure Laura thought that was tacky of her and she deleted it. She is a good girl...not one to pay much attention to trivial stuff.

I am ready for cooler weather.

Hope some folks see the chickens for sale sign!