Tuesday, September 06, 2011

country bumpkins and city fools

I found this post on BYC....
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Later when I gave her the eggs, she shocked me with the questions she asked. she said...
OK, I don't want my fridge to be crawling with 12 chicks. What can I do so they won't hatch? I said, -chuckling-Well what makes you think they will hatch? She said. Well they are chicken eggs right? Chicken eggs hatch? I told her that I have no rooster so there is no way they can hatch. She then said that all eggs layed by birds that people raise hatch. Anyway, Then I told her that eggs from the store are from chickens and they don't hatch. Her jaw dropped to the floor. She said, I THOUGH HUMANS MADE THOSE EGGS BECAUSE THEY WERE WHITE!? I THOUGHT CHICKENS ONLY LAID BROWN EGGS! WOAH!......My brother than asked her,Are you sure you can even COOK these eggs? She said her husband would do it. Then she payed and left. Those 45 minutes made my day! I felt smart ^_^
That reminds me of the person who said buy you meat from the supermarket, no animals had to die to make the store meat like the meat raised in the country.

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