Wednesday, September 07, 2011

fall is here

Fall brings yellow and purple blooms in the Ozarks, along the highways and byways a person can view a display more lovely than any planned garden.On the distant hills soon the Sassafras bushes will be showing their maiden blush for all to see.
This is the time that the squirrels scurry about gathering winter food supplies and the the wild geese fly over head in the morning dawn calling for all to hear, soon it will be winter a time of cold and snow but now for a time you can smell the scent of wood fires on the air.

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Anonymous said...

I hope when winter comes it does nto get too cold. We filled up the butane tank yesterday...$400.00. It will nto last all winter, but will fill it again as I hate freezing like I hate burning up. Must have soemthing to do with being old.