Monday, September 19, 2011

facing the lion

I have a new book titled Facing the lion to read. It is going very fast but I wanted to share some thing about the book.
By: Joseph Lemasola lekuton
Written by a man who grew up in Kenya of the Maasai tribe. These people you see on TV wearing red cloths and they herd cattle for a living. They are a nomad tribe due to the fact they must continual move to find grass for their cattle. he explains that the cattle are their wealth and this is what he said....Cows are our way of life the more cows a person has the wealthier he is...with the more cows a man has the more respect he has...a man with out cows has no voice in the tribe, cows are the Maasai money.
I thought when I read this that this is just like our society.. the wealthy men get the respect and power in our land and only the wealthy has power just as it is in the land of the Maasai.
I am enjoying this book, it is written in a simple manner and would be good reading for a young person I think.

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Fleta said...

I can read your posts from work, so better be careful what you say.

This weekend we moved the couch to clean. There was a dead mouse under the couch. Robert said, 'MICKEY MOUSE!!'