Monday, September 19, 2011

Our neighbor

Our neighbor Lee is 84 years old and he has supplemented his socital security income by working in salvage in metal, alumina cans and any thing he can find he will work every day in his yard.

In the last year lee has been sick and in the hospital a couple of times. I am sure it is his heart. His wife has tried to curtail his labors and she tries to keep him from his labors as much as she can. I suppose the doctor has told her to do this. A few months ago I spoke to her about his working and I told her that he was happy doing his work and should be alowed to work because if not he surly would die.

lee was working this morning on some metal object, you can always hear him , peck, bang and bomb for as Long as Marnia will let him.

My son had a piece of copper tubing from our old stove and he wanted to give it to lee for his copper pile. Lee is deaf and you can never make him hear you so Sammy went down to where Lee was working , Lee had his back to Sammy and Sammy reached out and touched Lee on the back with the copper tubing and lee said with out turning around, WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU WANT NOW? when Lee turned and saw Sammy he said oh, it is you. I thought you were Marnia.

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Sister--Three said...

Work is some folks pleasure but not mine!