Saturday, September 03, 2011

It is cool this morning.
Helen called she is in the state at the top and was raving about the cool weather up there.
Our president is going to speak on job creation and apparently one of his great ideas is for the unemployed to go to work one day a week at some place like Tyson and then Tyson can have free labor. My god the man doesn't have a clue as to what the working people in this country face everyday.

I am sure he is a one term president.

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Sister--Three said...

Yes, and he needs to stop all the compromising. I read of his mother...she lived off grants. Did not really hold a job. Poor grandmother who worked at the bank held everyone up. Grandpa was a blow hard. He retired early and sat at home and played golf. Mother had not paid enough soc. sec. to get disability. Now imagine how much she worked!

Your books are in the mail. The one on about someone sort of kin to us. He lived where our Powells and Whalebones were. He is kin through the McClain family. I liked it because of that and hope you will. He was Pres. of Wake Forrest college.

It did not cost 5 dollars to send the box. So I will probably do it again. Let me know when you get it. Tell janet only books so she will not get excited that I sent you a box of money!