Saturday, September 03, 2011

new storm drenches south

The Governor of Texas is praying for rain and the God of the winds send rain to everyone except Perry's state. needless to say Fleta put me on to this news flash.

Gov. Rick Perry has issued a proclamation asking Texans to pray for rain —

specifically on Friday through Sunday.

“I urge Texans of all faiths and traditions to offer prayers on that day for the healing of our land, the rebuilding of our communities and the restoration of our normal and robust way of life,” he said in the proclamation.

SAN ANTONIO — As Louisiana prepares for the drenching rains of Tropical Storm Lee, no more than a few sprinkles are expected over the long holiday weekend next door in Texas, which is suffering from an historic drought.
..What little rain is forecast for Texas is expected to be confined to the far southeastern part of the state, where the drought is the least severe.

"This is more of the bad luck that Texas has been experiencing," said Scott Landes, Senior Meteorologist with the Weather Channel.

He said the presence of the massive rain maker in the central Gulf of Mexico could actually decrease the chances of next door Texas getting any showers at all


Sister--Three said...

We could use a little rain. I guess God gets tired of hearing ...gimme this gimme that!

The 4th Sister said...

I can't post so here it is....Hello everyone...

We got here just fine. It was about 2 before we rolled into Kris but I was going strong...

We got up the next morning. Missy had gone to the store and I had a cup of coffee and a doughnut. They both were good!

Then we cleaned up the Mother in law quarters...does that have a nice ring or what! So Melissa and I have a nice place to stay and for me in the future I hope.

After that Melissa took me and the girls to Wal Mart and let them get all of the little goodies food they do not get to but...mainly because it is not good for them but also because Kris stays home all of the time to take care of them and those foods do cost a lot. But it will be nice right at first when they start school to have a few extras for their lunches.

I ate a bologna sandwich on the way home from Wal mart and after we got home around 5 I went out and laid on the bed in the room. Fell fast asleep, clothes on and still in make up, contacts in....I woke up at 1:30 this morning. came into the house and took a shower, removed all of that make up and put on P J's and started more laundry...Melissa and I brought more demin jeans from dollar day. Which by the way all seemed pleased with..but it did create a lot of laundry. I am sure there was at least 50 pair of jeans. Many for Amanda when she gets a little older.

So I have had a busy early morning. But a lot of laundry was done between yesterday and 7 AM

Yes it dawned on me the other day about 1 year ago this month Mike went up here to see Kris,,,,I hope when I get home no one has cleaned out my house and serves me with a subpoena! But on well, until then I am having a great time anyway.

Rhea king called me the other day and said...

Maxine says... Marrying your first husband a second time is like throwing away sour milk in the trash...Then, digging it out a week later thinking it will taste better...

I won't go down that road.

Today I intend to keep on that laundry and get out into the yard...The kids and Darrel have been working on me a burn pile since I left in May...I can't wait to bet at it and drink a cup of coffee.

BTW Betty...The coffee is really, really good this morning...All of those Grand kids were really happy to see me! Life is good.