Monday, September 05, 2011

new chicks and new cook stoves

Sammy has 12 newly hatched chicks . It is cooler now so perhaps he will move them to the calf hutch soon.
Janet and Sammy are going looking for a new cook stove today. She says sears has a sale going on. Janet was looking at the sears site she said they had black stoves and gold stoves. which did I want? I want one that has a good insulated Oven that will bake will as for color when I think of a stove I think white.
I guess Helen is having a good time with the grand kids.
Fleta has new cabinets . The men got them in faster than she expected.Betty is sending me a box of books . She said tell Janet so she would not think it was a box of money but I am being mute. I want to get a call from her saying You got a box from Betty! Oh how she will imagine all sorts of things before she gets it open.

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Sister--Three said...

My stove is white. But mine is electric and I want a gas one.