Monday, September 05, 2011

new stove and new fridge

We have a new refrigerator and a new stove, the stove is not here yet because it has to have propane jets installed but we got the refrigerator in the house with out no more trouble than world war 3. Wednesday the stove has to be put in. I dread that.
We had 17 years of mouse leaving under the fridge and we will have 17 years of mouse poop under the stove and it will be mixed with grease.


Sister--Three said...

I need both a new stove and frig. My stove works good but i want a gas one so if I am cold I can light a burner.

Donna said...

Patsy, if you ever have a power outage, you can light the top burners with a match. Not the oven, though. And yes, it has to be plugged into the electricity for the oven to light, and for the burners to light without a match.