Tuesday, September 06, 2011

US postal service

The United States Postal Service says they may have to close this winter if congress doesn't act. Good golly miss molly they will close because congress is so dumb and will not think that the post office is important. They will think, Oh just another government give away who needs it!
Over the years the post office has grown in our town from a 2 person job to how many workers I can only guess because they stay behind closed locked doors now and not out where people can see them.
They service is piss poor and the workers are a bunch of grumpy people who would not do any thing to help anyone . The postal service complains that their volume of mail has gone down because other services are doing the job they did once on a time. If they had one more piece of mail I am sure they would collapse from the volume as now they can hardly deliver the mail.
The truth is surly a miss managed mess with some greedy people with their fingers in the pie getting rich while the job of delivering the mail has fell by the way side.
A few month past the post office came up with some cost saving measures and in our area this is what they did, the mail for our area went to Harrison Ar. and was sorted there now they collect the mail at Harrison and move it by trucks to Fayetteville, Arkansas where it is sorted and then trucked back. They had 7 workers at Harrison they said that sorted the mail before the move and I think the workers are still at Harrison they just don't sort it there any more. no doubt they had to add people at Fayetteville, to handle the extra bulk and more truck drivers to cart it over and back but they were saving money they said.
Now at the same time they wanted to close the post office on Saturday and congress said no. I am sure what they want now is to close on Saturday. If they do they will never get the mail out on Monday because they can hardly do the job now.

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Sister--Three said...

Most of our mail is spam mail. I think that is what they are sorting.