Sunday, October 02, 2011

baby girl and the Rudd girls

Jonell and Mary Ellen I think

Jonell Rudd

Tony's granddaughter

Barbara wade and Rosco

a Rudd girl I don't know if it is Mary or the other girl but she looks like her mother
I can't remember the other girls name. There was Jonell and Mary Ellen the the other girl that I have forgot her name then Easter, Barbara, Cindy and the last girl Alisssia. maybe It is Mary and Ellen. I hate not being able to remember!


Sister--Three said...

Now, I see what you are talking about. The Rudds can hold Olivia but she looks like a Powell baby to me!
Frances Sue
Mary Ellen
Barbara Ann
Ester Faye
Lurissa or Lourissa
I thought there were 7 or 8 girls so I still left one out. The girl with Jonell is Frances Sue! I am not sure about the one with long hair..could be Mary Ellen. Her hair was lighter.

Did I leave a girl out. Tried to name them in order. Frances married Reggie King. Jonell Kenny Gatlin. Mary Ellen the teacher from Alpena. Ester married Steve Newberry?...did one of them marry I crazy?

Sister--Three said...

Frances Sue looks just like Ann Rudd!
Ann was a Carmichael. Jonell looks like the Rudds.

The 4th Sister said...

Easter married billy newberry

The 4th Sister said...

I think you got them all the last one pat named that started with an A ...was made up.

patsy said...

I was trying to think of lorassia and it was in the evening. I don't do as well in the evening because i am tired. I had to look up carl Dean Rudd name on the death list for carroll co. during ww11.
Fleta and me were talking the other day on the phone and she had her facts wrong. i finally got her strightened out and she said it is a good thing there are 2 of us and you are younger. meew!