Sunday, October 02, 2011

more photo's off facebook


Sister--Three said...

Glad to see Bossy Sister in these. Know for sure she was there, now!

Have to admit, Patsy, when I said Donnie looked like Dad in the chin...I was looking at Virginia Lee's husband. I am a dork.

Turnips sound good.

Larry had sold a pup to a guy in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and for gas Larry will drive to the edge of AR well, that was Memphis. Larry has a sleep disorder now and at times will just fall asleep. I road with him to keep him awake. He had to drive almost 7 hours and he did have trouble staying awake. I can either keep him awake or drive. I try to talk him awake because I hate driving. I love riding along, but driving I hate. I am sorry I missed Kenny's would have been neat to see all these you have shared with us. Who was the oldest cousin there?

The 4th Sister said...

Donnie looks like buster powell to me. I thought the blond haired rudd with Cindy was Mary Ellen ..,but when pat posted the picture of the one with long blond hair I now think that one is Mary Ellen...have you noticed we are all confused...but not as much as patsy. She stole those pics from Facebook.. no telling who's Facebook she was on...might not even be her gr grand daughter