Saturday, October 01, 2011

going to town

You have heard of "IT" is just a wide place in the road that describes Alpena Arkansas these days and I am going there today about the time the sun reaches the high point of the day.
Truman and Francis Powell's children are hosting a get to gather for Kennith Powell who will be 63 years old today there and son SAM is going to drive me down for a few minutes.
When we were young and lived at Denver Arkansas my brother Richard and me spend many a golden day laughing and playing with Jimmy and Donnie, uncle Truman's two oldest children. Jimmy never passed up the chance to tell me he was the oldest Powell grandchild being born in March while I didn't get here till May 3. I think today I will tell Jimmy I am the youngest life has took such a turn that it is better to be younger these days.

Alpena Pass was founded in 1908 on top of a graveyard shortly after the Missouri-North Arkansas Railroad was built through Boone County. In the 1950s, the word pass was dropped from the name, thus creating the current name, Alpena. During the hay day of america when the railroad was the means for travel the word pass indicated that Aplena was a stopping place on the railroad.
The reason Carrollton AR. weathered and died was that the railroad failed to stop at Carrollton and so the town died. A one time Carrollton was the count seat and a thriving place in the 1800.

At the time of the town's founding, the town of Carrollton was in decline. Many of the buildings of Carrollton were disassembled, moved and reassembled at Alpena Pass. MADtv's Rice and Beans Tour once came through the town, doing a tongue-in-cheek expose` about rural America. They encountered a seemingly drug-intoxicated woman and had an interview with the mayor.

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