Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Holly smoke

my day,
The day is starting, it is 5:22 in the AM and I am up with a cuppa coffee and some good sweet bread.
Tricia Hunt , my husbands niece brought me a loaf of her apple sauce spice bread two days ago and every thing has been so crazy I had forgot about the BREAD.
I was laying in bed thinking about something to eat that was sweet and I thought Oh, Yeah Tricia's bread is in there if Helen didn't throw it away.
Helen has been up here CLEANING and she threw every thing I own away except the kitchen sink, now I Did see some prey marks on the sink so she had been trying to get it in the trash also.
anyway Helen didn't find THE BREAD and I am eating the bread and drinking coffee as I write.
Janet's funeral is tomorrow and we are having a open viewing tonight at Nelson funeral home for her Friends to come by and see her.
Kelly and Tony made the arrangement yesterday and they did a good job. The bill was about 8 thousand and her Tyson insurance was enough to put her in the grave.
Funerals are a terrible thing and then on top of that people who don't have money have to worry about how to get the money to pay the bill.
Fleta has been researching about funerals and she has all the facts if any of you might be interested in a do it your self style funeral. If cremation is your choice she can tell you how to do that as a do it on your own. She read that if you are a vet you and your wife can be put away at the government expense, of course if those repubs get wind of this they will straighten that out right fast. I saw the other day where some stuff shirt repub in DC said they were spending to much money on those old vet's medical cost and something needed to be done about that. I though by golly if I was you I woulds keep my mouth shut about those old vets after all the government trained them to shot to kill long ago!
I'll tell you true a person has lived too long when they are burring their children.
Fleta's son Jr. ask his mother if she had made arrangements for her and George. She said why, No that is your job. jR. is wanting anyone that has brush piles to bring them to Fleta's house. I think Jr. is looking into "that do it your self cremation." You have heard of HOLLY smoke, I guess Fleta is destined for Holly smoke.
all Of Janet's Friends have a invitation to the Alpena grave yard wenesday at 10 O'clock. She had a lot of friends. Helen said now Patsy, we are not going to have a lot of Friends coming to your wake. Janet was a nice person and people liked her but you on the other hand you are not liked so much!
Imagine that!


Erin said...

As you know I am a hospice nurse. I have had patients who's families buried them themselves. Strict laws. Body has to be buried within 24 hours, in family plot and witnessed by several people (hospice nurse etc.) I've also had people transport the body to the funeral home themselves.

Donna said...

You don't mince words; evidently neither does Helen! I don't think there would be a lot of people at my funeral/memorial. Cliff and I will be cremated, because it's just so expensive to be buried. If anybody wants to have a memorial for me, fine. If not, fine. I won't know the difference.

Winnie said...

I am up early also and truly praying for you and your family...it surely warms my heart to know that you are surrounded with friends and family...I certainly love you and I am grieving with you. Faith is a wonderful companion at these very sad times...Hugs are being sent your way...Again, I love you much!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you did not lose your sense of humor when you lost Janet.

I think Erin is playing to bury me in Galla Meadow! Looks like she know the rules.

Be glad Helen is throwing that junk away as you could not. You can fill it back up with more junk!

Linda@VS said...

One thing I'm pretty sure of, having read your blog for the last five years, is that your sense of humor has carried you through some hard times in your life. I'm glad to know it's still alive and kickin', and also glad you have so much family there to laugh and cry with you. As for your friends, they may be scattered across the Internet, but I think there are quite a few of us.