Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Toby Keith- How Do You Like Me Now.

I went down to Janet's wake and there was at least 200 people there to honor my daughter.
Terry high and his wife gave me 20 dollars as a gift and our Friend Beverly Colman gave me a gift of 1 hundred dollars. Good Friends are the greatest gift to have.
We didn't have music but they were a happy crowd visiting and have a good time and I was so glad to see them smile.
Kelly had said the funeral director had ask who Janet's favorite singer was and it was Toby Keith. I could just imagine them playing " how do you like me now?"

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Linda@VS said...

It must be quite a comfort to you to see so many people show up to honor Janet and celebrate her life, but I bet you already knew she was well-loved, didn't you? Some people just shine more brightly than others.