Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's a Turkey

What tis it? tis a turkey!
Hank Williams Jr. made an ass of him self by comparing Obama to Hitler and ESPN fired his red neck Now it is all over the net as to weather he was correct or was he wrong and some are asking what would Williams Sr. say?
Most people know who was alive and kicking when Hank Sr. was around he was a drunk and doper and didn't have much to say when in front of a mike except to sing his lonesome country songs.
Sarah Palin says criticism of Hank Williams Jr. is "disgusting"
Oh yes she has to make a political statement as if anyone really carried.
Obama isn't a Hitler , he can't get anyone to agree to any thing he says everyone went along with Hitler.
Hank Williams is a southern white man who thinks Negros are just fine as long as they stay in their place which is NOT the white house!

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