Saturday, November 05, 2011

andy is dead

Andy is dead so as fleta said he doesn't have any books, ebook or others. The people alive can only guess what Andy would like and dis like now. actually since while he was 92 years old the last year he probably didn't read many books or do much else except prepare for his job which was about 5 minutes on CBS but in the end he had to give that up and stated he hated retiring but on a happy note he was only retired 3 weeks when he died.


Sister--Three said...

He had a long career. He said when he went out to eat...please don't come up and say hi or ask for an autograph because he wanted to eat his dinner!

Fleta said...

I would say he was a good man. There are not many people on TV that you could say that about. And, he was interesting.