Monday, November 07, 2011


I am awake and on line for a while. I hope I can lay down for a few more winks after a short time.
I am having horrible dreams every night. Dream about people dieing or the dream this night was dreaming about people in danger. I will be glad when they stop.
I found this photo of a japanes maple and am posting it for your enjoyment.
I enjoyed seeing the photo of the deer hunters , Betty. The boy's father was a freind of Bens and the boy hunts on Ratzaff land. The child wanted Tony in the photo.
There are a lot of deer on that farm but tony doesn't deer hunt.
Fleta said George was busy trying to keep the hunter away from his deer.

I recieved a gift of 10 dollars today from Virginia. Thank you girl.


Sister--Three said...

I may get me a Japanese Maple. But will wait til I stay home. They cost a lot and I would not want it to die.

Mr. Hilliyard explained about Tony and his hunting grounds...I thought it was neat and as Fleta said...
"it is a small world after all."

Anonymous said...

Get up, Sister, rise and meet the day. Do you mean Virgina Lee?

Anonymous said...

How did Sam do on his chicken sale? dog give away?

Balisha said...

i really enjoyed that picture. I would love to have a J. Maple, but in our zone they are iffy.