Friday, November 25, 2011

jiggling the bed

I spoke to tony last night. He said the new baby was great. He was laying on the bed and jiggling the bed so she would go to sleep. sound sort of spoilt to you?
When my sisters were babies I would lay beside them and giggle the bed and wave a dish towel around over them to keep the flies away while they sleep.
Daddy would walk the floor and sing bye oh baby to get the baby to sleep.\
When my babies came along I learned if you put them on the bed and left them alone they would go to sleep if they wanted too and if not nothing would get them to sleep any way.
The house dogs spent the night on the porch. The one started to bark the minute I lay down and I got up took the coop opened the door on said coop. she ran out in the yard and the other dog followed. I went to bed and promptly went to sleep. No jiggling the bed for dogs for me.
I talked to fleta last night she said she was trying to sleep and I said I am sorry for bothering you and she said that is OK, I can't sleep all the kids are here and it is a long time before they will go to sleep so she couldn't go to sleep she explained. I should have ask her if she was jiggling the bed?
When my sisters were babies I sleep in a constant puddle of piss . when mama had a new baby she sent the older baby to sleep with me.

It was the same with my babies except Tony would always manage to pee on my pillow.I would throw it in the floor full of pee.
I wonder if Helen jiggles the bed for her grand kids when they spend the night? probably.
the last baby I slept with was my granddaughter Jamie Lynn. She was about two month old and Kelly left her with me for the night. I say slept but I just lay there waiting for day light. I was afraid I might lay on her.
I don't imagine Betty ever sleeps with her grand children. Larry probably does and jiggles the bed for them. Larry is the nurturing person in that family. Betty has worked ever since she got out of school and she loves her grand children but she is like me.Twas when mine went home and it was quite that I loved them best.
I am eating cold dressing for breakfast. Taste better cold and I made my own cranberry sauce. It is so good I am going to buy a few packages and freeze them for later.


Sister--Three said...

You know us well. Larry's biggest joy is one of the Grandkids with him. He is a great grandfather. I love them and would do for them, but would rather not jiggle the bed.

We had a great dinner yesterday at Erin's. She had a feast. She and Laura read to their kids...I think this is a good thing. She reads books to Clayton before he goes to sleep.

Olivia surely is pretty. I am still going to send a present.

I started to work when I went to Dee Fancher's at about 13 or 14 and I am still at it.

Donna said...

I'm a bed jiggler. Am in Georgia at my son's house enjoying his step grandkids.

The 4th Sister said...

Patsy...I have heard you tell the story many times of how you had to carry us all around and look after us...You know you do not even speak of it fondly to this day....I just imagine you hated it more when you were young and having to do it...I doubt if you were so good to us.I imagine when Mom's head was turned you hit us with that towell you were shooing away flies with....or anything else you could get by with...But since you were the oldest we will never know for sure...

Yes my Grand kids still sleep with me. This last visit I asked Austin if he wanted me to make him a bed some place else....He looked at me like I was crazy! And I did scratch his back till he fell asleep...He finds that very comforting....

Snowbrush said...

Oh, gosh, Patsy, I gained three pounds yesterday, so I had NO breakfast this post-Thanksgiving morning.