Thursday, November 24, 2011


There is this blogger who calls himself snowbrush . All of his post are unusal to say the least. He talks about all the pain med he takes and if true he must be high as a kite most days and he is a fan of marjuana and talks freely about his trips on that plant but today he made a post about friendship , his wife,peggy and snowbrush maintained a friendship with since 1987. Greg has been their friend all these years . Snowbrush states that Greg is a slob, housekeeping, yard work and general neatness is not in the cards with greg and snowbrush and peggy find these traits unexceptial.
I am reading think how dull all this about the "Friend" who is a slob and how snowbrush is neat as a pin and then the other shoe drops with a loud smack.
The only way i can tell you this is cut and paste so I will at the risk of having snowbrush claim copyright on me. QUOTE
"Peggy and I met Greg in 1987 through a national group marriage organization that was headquartered here in Eugene. He considered me morose and Peggy bitchy, and we were indifferent to him."
I am thinking marriage organization? what is he talking about? never fear snowbrush will tell you what he means! QUOTE
"also unlike us in that Greg's generosity was boundless. For example, a year after we met him, Peggy and I moved to Minneapolis to be a part of a group marriage. When the marriage fell apart two years later, Peggy came back to Oregon alone leaving me to move our stuff, and it was a lot of stuff."
get it ! snowbrush and Peggy part of a group marriage!
Now hold on the best is yet to come. QUOTE!
"During the mid-nineties, Greg and Peggy became lovers, and we all discussed him moving in with us as an equal partner. Unfortunately, he was different from Peggy and me in two ways that stopped us cold. One was that if being a total slob regarding your house and yard is a zero, and being a total neat freak is a hundred, then Greg was a 15 and Peggy and I were 85's. The second problem was that Greg spent money as fast as he got it while Peggy and I squirreled it away. His fun-loving spontaneity was great in a friendship, but we couldn’t imagine happily sharing finances in an intimate relationship. Greg assured us that he would change his housekeeping habits, and that our financial differences could be worked out through written agreements.

When we were unmoved, Greg proposed to Peggy that she live at his house part of the time and here part of the time. This suited her and me, and the arrangement continued for a few years until she got tired of living in two places. The next day, Greg dropped off everything the two of them had shared (their "living Christmas tree" is now 20’ tall). Then he didn’t talk to us for a year."

Get that? PEGGY,SNOWBRUSH'S WIFE AND GREG became lovers! and the only fly in the ointment was the fact that GREG was a slob around the house and spent money as soon as he got it!
If you want to know more click on my title and read snowbrush's post.

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