Sunday, November 27, 2011


A few days past I heard a rooster crowing in the silkie pen so Sammy has at least one rooster with his silkies.
I have had a cold and have not felt well for a week now last night I couldn't breath well and was afraid I might have Pneumonia but about might night I went to sleep and awoke with a loose cough and have been able to cough up some of the crap.
no rain this morning. Kelly is coming today to put a new thermostat on my heating , cooling unit.
Tony came by yesterday but didn't stay long, the daughter called and said she was leaving the mother-in-laws and would be at the house soon. Tony went rushing out the door. I guess he was going home to jiggle the baby some more.
Kelly is here.

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Sister--Three said...

Well you need one rooster.

Get that heat going. You are going to need it.

One thing I hate is being cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Older I get, the worse it is.

Have a great Sunday...I am thinking of you today.

I had 5 days off and am still tired. Guess it is the bunged up knee. I am too old to cut the mustard and you are too old to pick it.