Sunday, November 27, 2011

you can't make this stuff up!

On black Friday near where sister resides a man inside walmart put a game in his belt so he could rescue his grandson, he was grabbed by police, never mind why they were inside walmart arresting people. anyway they arrest him and while leading him away, still inside the door they perform some action on him knocking him to the floor he is bleeding and unconscious. They managed to get him up and away where he spent the night in jail.
His daughter commented that she would never go out to the store on black Friday again and said they needed more security in the store. are you crazy? your father was knocked down by the cops and you want more cops? besides when has it came to pass that you are shop lifting before leaving the store?
Now a 4 year old was beaten to death in Ohio by a boy Friend of his mother. The family reported the boy Friend beat a dog to death last month. I wonder how he managed to keep out of jail if he killed a dog?
In Chicago there was a child that weighed 200 pounds. the welfare took him away from his mother, they said she wasn't doing enough to prevent him from eating. They placed him in foster care. That should take care of his eating problem.
A young woman lost her dog and stand on the street corner in a bikini advertising the lost dog. She has unwanted attention from men, one fellow sent her email of his poodle and his private parts, mans not dogs! she thinks maybe she will stop advertising on the street for dog.
BRIGHTON, Colo. (AP) – A lawsuit claims Adams County authorities detained a deaf man for 25 days in jail without providing a sign-language interpreter before domestic assault charges were eventually dropped.Someone made a complaint that the fellow and his girl Friend were making to much racket in motel , cops knocked door down when he wouldn't respond to their knocks and threw him in the poke for 25 days.
AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Larry Asbery, 58, was hospitalized for liver problems. He almost died while he was in the hospital after his kidneys also failed.HE ARRIVES HOME TO FIND PEOPLE LIVING IN HIS HOUSE. they rented house from a broker they claim.
Records show Asbery still owns the house. CBS4 verified with Adams County authorities that all paperwork that was examined indicate Asbery is the rightful owner.

“Colorado law is pretty clear that the people in his home have no right to stay in that home,” Barrows said.

The next step for Asbery appears to be going to court to obtain an order for eviction.

That all folks!


Sister--Three said...

What is the world coming to....
a bad end?

I stayed home black friday and bet you did too.

I won't be home tomorrow...back to work.

Betty said...

Patsy, the world has gone plumb crazy. I stayed home black Friday, too. I always do. It's no worth the hassle.