Thursday, November 24, 2011


Helen is cooking for Missy and Benjamin. Fleta is expecting her whole crew she said when I spoke to her on the phone yesterday she was going to use Helen's receipt to make rolls and cinnamon rolls for today . The problem was she only had one package of yeast. George was in town and I said she better call him and get more yeast.
Kelly said he was coming by since he had to go in to work so we will have company after all.
Tony invited me down for dinner and viewing the GRAND baby but I begged off due to my wish to lay around the house.
We are having dressing and chicken thighs. They were on sale for 5 pound at 2.50 and I think they will be easy to fix and taste pretty good. I have corn bread cooked yesterday and drying out to which I will add 6 brown and serve rolls Sammy cooked yesterday this will make the dressing. I have real cranberries to make for sauce. I love cranberries so that is for me. Smashed potatoes and store bought gravy in the jar is all I plan on doing.
I made pumpkin pies yesterday so that is all folks.
I suppose Betty will go to the red headed girl's house probably, she usually does.

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Sister--Three said...

We will all go to Harrison. The nurse will cook on her birthday.