Saturday, November 05, 2011


This is Foxy, Janet's dog. She is neurotic and I want to get rid of her. Sammy says he doesn't want her killed cause Janet will haunt him.
He intends to take her to the sale at Huntsville and offer her, her coop and 20 dollars to anyone who will take her. If that doesn't work I will find another remedy.
She wont stay out side unless we are out there with her. I might break her of that tho' she will whine then bark wanting out side. I have been setting the coop and her on the porch and leaving her hoping she will grow to like the great out doors. probably wont work but at least I am getting some rest at night when she starts her barking. Either she will stop barking at night wanting me to let her out or she will learn to live in the out doors.
The nurse came Thursday, she had never been here before and she said how fresh the house smelled. I told her that was due to Helen my sister who had been here cleaning.
I doing fair but it seems I am going over in my mind remembering scenes from Janet's life more so the last couple of days.
I hear the roosters calling .must go feed.


Sister--Three said...

i hope Sam can find a home for the dog.

Donna said...

The death of a daughter is not something you will ever get over, I'm sure. Thank goodness it isn't something I've experienced, and I hope I never do.