Tuesday, December 20, 2011

going to dr.

a silkie rooster.

Today a 1 O'clock I have to be at the doctors office. I found yesterday that my doctor will not be there. no blood drawn today. I will play dumb and so will escape the needle. a woman doctor will be a substitute for Dr. emery.

I was amazed by the north Korean people who took on so when their leader died. I can't understand such devotion to a leader. Either we are mislead as to the leader or these people are crazy. weeping in the streets and the female telecaster was so choked up she could hardly speak. amazing!not since Kennedy died have I seen such a public display of grief because of a death of a leader in this country.

Here it is a moment of silence and then lets get on with life. Most of the time they are lucky if there is no dancing in the streets because of a leaders death here.

I spoke of Obama care not giving me choices and Betty in Harrison thought I was criticizing Obama care. Not so just being silly. My care at the hospital was the best I had received at the hands of the hospital and laid that to Obama care.

I don't know what obama care did to improve my care but I liked it.

Kelly and Tony went and filled in Janet's grave, while setting the stone they left a shallow hole just behind the stone and the sons brought dirt and filled it in.


Anonymous said...

Well, I am glad Tony and Kelly are looking after the site.

Let us know about the Dr. visit.

Betty said...

I guess I DID read your comments wrong. Sometimes, things I write as sarcasm are taken wrong, too. It's hard to get across in writing something that's so easy when speaking. lol