Sunday, December 11, 2011

new computer

ZT Affinity 7623Mi Desktop PC Bundle with Intel Core i7-2600 Processor, 16GB Memory, 23" widescreen LED display with integrated stereo speakers, 2TB Hard

Fleta what do you think of this computer? the price is 900. is it worth it? would it be that much better than a 500 dollar one and how would we be able to get it to delivered at walmart if they didn't have it in stock? I guess I could get a bank card and have you buy it on line if you think that would be easier. It makes me tired just think about having to change every thing out. We would have to get the email program I like and that is a chore. What do you think?

these are on the walmart site but I am sure they wont have them in stock.

Changing everything is such a pain you know how I am ! I wish you would look at walmart desk tops and let me know what you think?

I will be ready to buy about the middle of January.


Fleta said...

I think you should get a laptop, not a desktop. I really love my laptop. It is so much nicer than the desktop computer.

I think you should call the green forest bank and ask them about getting a DEBIT card and tell them you want online banking.

Both are FREE and so much easier than mailing checks every month.

The 4th Sister said...

Go for it pat...step into this century before you check

Donna said...

I agree with Fleta on the laptop. You can sit in your easy chair, or even sit in bed, and surf. I don't think you need to spend over $500 for a computer, but that's just me. Cliff's laptop cost under $500 and it's still doing great after two years of use.

Sister--Three said...

I don't think you will like a laptop as well as a desk top. But you know i am hard to change. I have both and use both....I would hate for you to get one and not like it. Fleta needs to bring hers and leave it with you a day.