Sunday, December 11, 2011


Sammy went to the sale yesterday. I told him to buy a pig if they had any. He came home with apples and two high dollar hens. I went out to see the chickens as soon as it got day light and couldn't tell the new hens from the others.

He said they had pigs but he didn't have enough money. I ask how much were they? he replied 40 dollars and when I pointed out I gave him 50 he said but then I wouldn't have had money for any thing else.

I thought about this for a while and decided that what he was saying , he had bought the two hens and the apples and then he didn't have nought left to buy the pig.

I really don't want a pig but I thought it would give him a reason for moving around and getting some exercise.

When I went out I had to break the ice on the chicken waters , the chickens were really thirsty. Me and SAM don't see eye to eye on the care of live stock. I think if they need water or feed they need it now not later. Sam thinks they can wait.

I was telling Kel about this and Kelly said you need to go out and make sure he does what he is suppose to do. You don't need to do the job just walk around and over see.LOL


Sister--Three said...

Larry really believes in fresh water and a clean water container.

I feed the the chickens and he feeds the dogs. My chickens have water daily, but not as clean a container as his dogs do!

The 4th Sister said...

and carry a big stick....remind you of any one????