Saturday, December 17, 2011

sale day

I went out to see the chickens this and found them very thirsty again.
The sun is shining here this morning. Sammy has plans to go to the sale today. More chickens I am sure, I think I will give Sammy a check in case any pigs sell today.
maybe they will sell a kangaroo or a bear or two perhaps.
I called Kelly and told him he could buy a pig or two for Christmas, no telling what we will have with both of them buying wholesale.
Kelly ask about calves, I said I am not feeding bottle calves so Judy better get ready.
Sammy wanted to know what I told Kelly after I told him he took the check and ran. I am sure he wanted to get ahead of Kelly.

1 comment:

Sister--Three said...

Doesn't look like you need more chickens. A pig would be nice.