Saturday, December 10, 2011

wishful thinking

Relatives called The Jeffersonian Democrat newspaper in Brookville after the obit appeared to report the woman was actually alive and well. The woman herself then visited the paper.
Brookville police charged Scott Bennett, 45, with disorderly conduct on Tuesday.

Democrat editor Randy Bartley says he accepted the obituary in good faith after being unable to confirm the funeral arrangements at press time. He told The Derrick newspaper on Friday that the woman was very understanding


Sister--Three said...

I guess she is glad to be alive after seeing how it would be to be dead.

Judy said...

Hi Patsy, Just wanted to come by and see if you are o.k. and wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. I heard about this on the news. Your chickens are looking good and you are right Perry acts like he is senile sometimes. I think Romney staring at him during the debates does not help him any. Cracks me up.