Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Happy birthday

You have heard of people looking down their nose but you can see it in this photo. Happy birthday Fleta.

I had a full day yesterday. I went to the bank and the grocery , that is a full day usually I only go one place and then home.

Sammy got the tags for the truck and van in his name yesterday. We had been driving them on Janet's tags and insurance and if SAM had had a fender bender it would have been a problem I am sure. The lady who sold Janet insurance knew Janet was no long alive and if SAM had a wreck she would have probably told on us.

The company was owned by my old school teacher Cleo Jackson until he died then his daughter took over if Cleo was still here he would never have opened his mouth if we had a fender bender but I am sure the daughter would have. So as of yesterday we are legal again.

I bought more hog jowl for the freezer yesterday Might have enough to last until spring. Bacon is extremely high now and is going well over 2 dollars a pound but the jowl was 1.39 a pound and

hog jowl makes perfectly good bacon in fact better I think. I Cook cured hog jowl, sprinkle salt over it and shut my eyes when I eat it with a biscuit and pretend I am a kid again eating salt cured pork out of daddy's smoke house.

Fleta is 64 today if anyone pisses her off suicidal security here we come. Poor ole George hopes she works for a long time. he would never get any rest if she was home all the time.

Betty went back to work, is your knee any better?


Anonymous said...

My knees are shot. Never will be better but I am trudging along.

Betty said...

Happy Birthday to Fleta. Patsy, did you read the author's reply to you on my blog? I'm not putting her name on here, because she'll see it, and you probably don't want her to comment here. Or, do you?

The 4th Sister said...

Isn't is great when we can get that really GOOD pic of Fleta...LOL