Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Sammy has been thoroughly bitten by the chicken bug and he wants to order some polish chickens this spring. I am delighted because he says he will take care of them and I can slip in a few chickens of my choice. He believes the white topped polish will sell well at the sale.
I am going to town as soon as Sammy gets up.
There appears to be a bright sun fill day ahead for us.
I went to feed and found 4 eggs , Sammy is getting the anxious to get the eggs so he borough in 8 last evening. As I said Sam has the chicken bug.
Today is Tony's wife's birthday and tomorrow is Fleta's birthday. I was so happen when Fleta was born I had a sister to play with I thought not realizing that since I was 10 and 1/2 I would be to old to play when she was older.
Kelly 's birthday is the 11th he will be 52 years old. It make me feel sad to see these old grey headed men that I have always called "the boys" and I still do!
I awoke at 3 o'clock and after a few minutes I realized I felt better than I had in a long time . I have been sick for 2 months, after I got home from the hospital I took a aliment that settled in my lungs and had trouble breathing again, it wasn't as bad as before I went to the hospital mainly because I was able to cough the flume up where as before I couldn't but I have been down and out for a long time. Janet dieing has been just about more than I could with stand.


The 4th Sister said...

Chicken feaver. They will be stinking up the house...and you will have to clean it up because it will bother you. But it will give you something to do. If he buys them with your money, puts them in your house, and you hve to look after them....How are they Sam's chickens????LOL

Donna said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I don't like those crazy-looking chickens with the top-knots on their heads. I had some once, and they were the stupidest birds I've ever seen. I realize chickens aren't the smartest creature around, but those were extra dumb.

Sister--Three said...

Hope Kelly and Tony's Janet have great birthdays and of course, dear Fleta.

Linda@VS said...

Losing a child is the worst thing I can imagine, so surviving that--and pneumonia on top of it--makes me believe you're tougher than you think. Glad you're feeling better today, Patsy.