Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy birthday

mama's birthday, January, 24 , 1921.
I have been reading on the net about people saying the end of civilisation as we know it will come tumbling down this year.
People are collection food and other things they they believe they will need when that day arrives.
I ask you how do you suppose you will be able to hold on to a crust of bread with hungry hoards beating on your door?
I read today warren buffet one of the wealthy men in US predicting there will riots in the streets here in us. Buffet is suppose to be setting in the first lady's box tonight as the president give his state of the union address.


Sister--Three said...

What food you collect will sustain you a while...but then...what? I recall when 9 11 happened...my friend wanted to leave school and fill her tank with gas. In the panic that day, there was a run on gas stations. I asked her what she would do when that tank was gone. Be still and listen to his Word. His eye is on the sparrow.

Lucy said...

I thought the president made a good speech, and of course it is political. After all he is trying to get relected. Warren Buffet lives in Omaha, Ne. and we live in Licoln, His house looks good from outside but it is just a wooden structure, You would never know he was a rich man.