Tuesday, January 24, 2012

what does Romney own

Mitt Romney is insane and I can prove it...
Romney has has 5 houses and adjacent property worth an estimated $30 million. The price is an estimate as it does not include a Canadian home (co-owned by his siblings) and it includes the current estimated value of a property he bought in 1997. Just this May, Romney bought a home in La Jolla valued at $12 million…"
Romney has 100's of millions of dollars, so much wealth that he probably doesn't know how much he is worth..
He is wealth is enough that he has set aside 100 million in a trust for his 5 sons. I would guess that is only 10% of what he is finical worth..
I wonder how many servants he have in the houses , remember they are spread all over the country and you know someone or several someones has to be on the property every day, if you don't think so lock up your home and go away for 3 months with that fact being public knowledge. You will come home and find everything is gone except the hole in the ground where it was.
It’s hard to argue that someone with a net after-tax income of $38.8 million — a tidy sum during a two-year period in which millions of his fellow Americans lost their jobs, homes and careers — would suffer much if asked to contribute more.
Mitt Romney earns no money by the sweat of his brow, his money comes from investing his money and nothing else. Mitt paid taxes at the rate of about 14 % slightly lower than his so called 15% estimate. He gave 7 million to charity most if not all going to the LDS church, perhaps the rest was the bills Mrs. dropped in the red kettle at Christmas time.
Romney's charitable foundation gave $4,325,000 to the Mormon Church in three hefty installments in 2003, 2008 and 2009. That was 74 percent of their foundation's donations from 2002 to 2009, during which time the couple gave a total of $5,854,916 to charity.Including another $300,000 that the couple gave to Brigham Young University, the church-run college in Provo, Utah, where Romney earned his undergraduate degree, the proportion of their giving that went to support Mormon missionary work, the upkeep of church buildings and other religious activities rises to 79 percent.
OK, I know this kind of wealth is mind bulging and it is hard to wrap you mind around it but consider this.... The average working man or woman paid 35% on their taxable income and Romney paid less than 15% on his. Newt the Bueat in comparison paid slightly over 31 % on his income.
Why would anyone want to go to Washington and set in the hot seat if he has that kind of money? that is easy HE IS CRAZY!

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School Time said...

As there is a thirst for wealth there is also a thirst for power. I would suppose he had satisfied his thirst for wealth so now he is seeking power.

I knew he was wealthy but I had no idea of his vast worth!