Sunday, January 15, 2012

new chickens

Sammy bought 5 new chickens yesterday. The two hens look like they have Cochin in them or some other feather footed chicken .
The other 3 are yellow and appear to be about 2 months old.
Sammy cakes sold again, he said he only made 10 dollars this time above his cost so the cake baking is over I guess. I made an apple and a cherry pie yesterday, Sammy said he could sell my pies for 5 or 10 dollars each at the sale. I said forget it, I am not going to all that work so some one else can eat them.
Kelly bought some pigs he said they were pigs. I was to buy the feed and My brother Gilbert was to feed them . I was to get a pig and Gilbert and Kelly would get a pig and 1 and 1/2 when they were butchered. Kelly said they were ruff meaning they had not had enough to eat. He gave 60 dollars each and said they weighted about 200 pounds. I have never seen the "pigs' and thought he had over guessed their weight now he called and said he thinks 2 of the pigs are pregnant. there are all gilts which means female.
Since they are the same age if 2 are caring young they probably all are. He said I could have one and Gilbert could have 1 and a 1/2 he didn't said we had to wait till they were born! LOL My part was to buy feed so if I have to buy feed for 4 sows and pigs I probably should buy my pork from Oscar Meyer.
Sammy is going to walmart after while and I am going along.
It is suppose to be a nice day today. The sun is shining. I broke the ice on the water and gave the chicks water when I feed. Sammy has been caring them warm water and they were disappointed with the cold drink.

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Sister--Three said...

Pat, you bought a pig in a poke...meaning one unseen! Have faith is my advice. Worry will not help. lol