Saturday, January 14, 2012

heavy hens

I made it out to feed this morning, first time in 3 days that I did.
Kelly emailed me last night and said he was having fun on his new and my old computer.He bought a computer about 4 years past and it had to be one of the first ones made. It was terrible. He found a fellow at Harrison who offered him a bargain on this old rebuilt computer and since he had never used one much he didn't realize he was getting a bum steer. Fleta and me told him how bad it was as soon as we tried to use it.
Tony and Kelly bought this computer for me 2 years ago and since Tony has a computer in his house bought by his son and doesn't have much interest in it i sent this one home with Kelly because he has always had a interest in a computer. Ever time he come here he usually gets on mine for some purpose so I am sure he will enjoy a good computer.
When he hooked mine up he couldn't get on the net so he called the company to come out and fix what every was wrong. He said 2 month past they came out and worked on his phone and he thought they had turned his Internet off and failed to turn it back on. shows how much he used his other computer.
It is suppose to get to 50 today and the low has been 32 degrees this morning.
Sammy is going to the sale and has loaded the chicken pen so I guess we will have more chickens tonight.
He has been making cakes and selling them at the sale. he took 6 last week and they sold for 8 dollar each. I thought word might get around and these might not sell so well. He uses mixes and never measures any thing just dumps oil, eggs and water in with a mix and beats them up and bakes, one fell and I said you can't sell that one, he said he would put more icing in the hole and it would be ok.
He made banana bread he put several bananas in a bowl, mashed them dumped in a vanilla cake mix and called them banana bread. The other Saturday his cakes sold for 8 dollars each, I am sure he talked them up to every body and they thought they were getting something special but today they may pass the word. Sammy is like his father he will sell you a pig in a poke.
Fleta has her grand kids. Sammy gave her a computer chair on wheels and the children were delighted but Meany would n'tlet them roll it around and ride it! some people are just cruel.

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Sister--Three said...

That Sam is so smart!

I have been outside some. It is a decent day here.

It is good to hear what you are up to.