Friday, January 13, 2012

rage by Kellerman

I am reading and sleeping and have not posted today, Helen called to see if I was still kicking.
I am reading a murder mystery by Jonathan Kellerman. I like his books.
the name of this one is "Rage".
Much to the relief of die-hard Kellerman fans, Rage features Kellerman's most
infamous character psychologist Dr Alex Delaware. Once again Delaware finds
himself caught up in a murder investigation, though this one is harder to
swallow than most as the victim was a two-year-old girl.
Visiting a mall, little Kristal was torn from her mother's grasp and murdered
by 12-year-old Troy Turner and 13-year-old Randolph 'Rand' Duchay. Troy didn't
survive his stretch, but the recently released Rand, now 21, wants to see
psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware, who examined him during his trial.
Unfortunately, someone murders Rand before the two can meet. An investigation by
Delaware and LAPD detective Milo Sturgis reveals that there was more to the
circumstances of Kristal's death than was apparent at the time.
As Delaware and Sturgis retrace their steps through a grisly murder case that
devastated a community, they discover a chilling legacy of madness, suicide, and
multiple killings left in its wake - and even uglier truths waiting to be
unearthed. And the nearer they come to understanding an unspeakable crime


Donna said...

I've been reading a lot too, and not posting as much as usual on Facebook. Various people wonder if something is wrong. Nope, I've just been reading.

Sister--Three said...

Like helen I wondered if you were ok. Glad you are reading and enjoying the books you choose.