Monday, January 23, 2012

walmart today

That class room is my granddaughter's class room. She teaches kindergarten in southern Arkansas.
This is one of Sam's new chickens, he has 2 like this and I don't have any clue as to their breed.
I have been to feed and found the weather not to unpleasant.
I am going to walmart as soon as SAM gets out of bed to take me. I want to go by the St. John's medical supply place to buy adult diapers. I have started wearing them so i can avoid putting that tape on my skin. This helps to keep the wound from being sore. i am sure when I buy them the people in the store think poor ole thing can't control her pee any more but that isn't the case.
Tony's wife's computer died and i am going to get her a new one, they bought me a computer 2 years ago and today they will get paid back besides if she can't post on face book I wont have any place to steal photos of great granddaughter and red trucks.
I first thought i would give her my lap top since I don't need two then decided if this computer went down Fleta might get testy if I had given away my lap top. She worked several hours getting me set up on these and if she got mad she might not fix me another. In case you don't know I am afraid of Fleta.


Fleta said...

I tried to call, but no answer.

You bought the laptop and can give it away if you want.

As for me, I would give her the laptop instead of buying another computer, if it was me.

Anonymous said...

I know she will enjoy having a computer.