Monday, January 23, 2012

new oven

seems like walmart always sees me coming. I bought a toaster oven today, I never have owned one before but I remembered today when I saw them that mama and daddy used one much of the time instead of the oven. I cook canned biscuits most of the time any more so I fired up the toaster oven and cooked canned biscuits in less than 10 minutes for supper. it worked great.


Sister--Three said...

I used to use one, but gave up as I did not have a good place in this house to put it. Sometimes in the hot summer at my other place I cooked on it by sitting in on my front porch. Mine was pretty big....I could even back a pie in mine. Cake did not work too well...burned before it was done. Biscuits are almost better as they get nice and brown. I am glad you are getting some things you wand and need.

Betty said...

I've been using my toaster oven more since my stove blew up. Haven't tried biscuits in it yet, but I think I will, since you mentioned it.

Lucy said...

I had a toaster oven I just loved. When my youngest son and wife moved and had no stove, I let them have mine. Thank you for your encouraging comment. I think I am worried about what the insurance does not pay. It will be a bunch of money because I couldn't afford to get a supplemental policy because I have A-Fib. It is thoroughly controlled so all insurance companies said no to me.