Saturday, February 18, 2012


I guess I was wrong, I told Fleta I remembered 4 years ago Mike Huckabbe was told to have tied his dog to the top of his car but after doing research I could not find any thing about it so suppose I was wrong.

I watched the Huston funeral to see how the black church people conducted themselves.
I law down and slept several hours and now am awake. it is 12 midnight. I can only sleep for a few hours and then have to get up because of my breathing. I wake up breathing real fast and can't seem to get enough air. I was thinking yesterday I might look into buying a hospital bed because when I am in the hospital I don't have that problem and I am sure it is because I have the head of the bed cranked up.
Fleta had the grand children again yesterday. Son is home so she got the kids again this week end.
my eyes are sore they started itching night before last and i kept rubbing them even tho' I knew better, then did the same yesterday morning when I finally got up and got some warm salt water to wash them with which is what I usually do for sore eyes they were red all around on the lids and below the eyes. sore eyes are a pain.
I might mention I got a Valentine card from Helen. Thank you, sister. Helen said she had decided to get her return ticket from Washington on May 3.n I told her that was my birthday she said she realized that fact.

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Donna said...

Cliff's younger sister has asthma attacks, and she has a bed like you are talking about. Sometimes it's the only way she can get her breath.