Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life is a hoot

Just got a call from a fellow, he talked slooow and draaagy. he wanted Sam's phone no. he said he wanted to talk to Sammy about our place in ridgedale Mo. I told him that the place belonged to me not Sam.
He said he knew that but I was old and he didn't want to bother me. To make a long story short this fellow has a neighbor who has been in my yard with a 4 wheeler making rut and taring up everything. The caller said this neighbor was a real bad fellow, he had been in prison and was real mean. The caller had called the sheriff and wanted me to call the sheriff also. sure I will I would want this guy mad at me if he as bad as the caller said. My caller said this guy is a real bad guy and I want him gone. I sure want to get mixed up in this, the bad guy might burn my house if I get him mad at me.
I didn't give him Sam's phone no.
I have a neighbor that lives across the road from our place and I know if any thing was wrong they would call me pronto.

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Donna said...

Sounds to me like the caller is the one that wants him gone, and he wants you to do his dirty work.