Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The rain is falling here this morning and the temperature is 43 degrees.
My chicken pens natural attract a large number of birds in the winter. I have tried feeding birds from a feeder but it is a waste of time since they can find an abundance of feed in the chicken pens.
Occasionally I will see a brown house sparrow singing on the TV antenna near my door and I always appreciate her sweet voice.
Out by the electric pole I some times see and hear a woodpecker looking for food.
I see blue jays squawking around the chicken pens . They always seem to be fighting with some bird.
We have a blue jay which likes dog food and can be seen most days in the spring robbing the dog food dish.

Fleta said Clayton saw a large flock of robins and wonder what was going on, the truth is they migrate like most birds and when migrating they set down to feed on their journey north Up here on the hill I usually see a robin or two out my window in February hopping around locking for worms or I suppose they are looking for worms.
The mocking bird is the most promote bird around our house and I think it is because of the wild cherries trees which they feast on in the spring and summer.
We always have the brown sparrows around the chicken pen along with the colorful red birds and the occasional yellow gold finch. Last spring I saw several purple martins flying over going up the hill so I suppose someone has purple martin houses up the hill.
I have a purple martin box that belonged to daddy but it isn't high enough in the air for the purple birds and is a apartment for the black birds and some times the sparrows if they can manage to run the black birds out. I suspect what happens is the black birds lay their eggs in the sparrow's nest and then go on their care free way leaving the sparrows wonders why their children all have such black coats.


Donna said...

Two or three years ago on Christmas day, a huge flock of robins spent several hours in our yard. I considered it my Christmas present from God.

Anonymous said...

I love the birds...guess it goes with loving chickens.