Saturday, February 18, 2012


I dreamed all night it seem and I am glad it is day light.

Saturday is here and the working sisters are glad, the rest of us are just glad for them.

43 degrees and misty here, how about where you are?
I saw Winnie was going under the knife again, I am sorry for you dear cousin.

I just can't believe all the talk about birth control going on but I think what has really stirred the pot is for the first time insurance is going to have to pay for the ladies pills and they are not happy about this.

Did you know the insurance company has been paying for Viagra every since it came on the market but not birth control?

I have been doing research on Rick Santrum and he really amazes me, if he is the repub nominee the women in this country better get out the vote and defeat him unless they want to go into slavery.

he says WOMEN should not be allowed to work unless it is finical necessary to support her family.

He thinks birth control should not be allowed even for married people, he says all sex should be for the purpose of procreating and that is all. Jim Bob Duggar is his main supporters but the thing that really stumped me was he says if a woman is raped and finds her self with child she should be forced to bear the child. She should see it as a gift from God.

So come on all repub women get out the vote for Obama! Any women who would vote for Santrum would have to be nuts and I think even his wife would go for Obama. This is Santrum wife's life. She has 7 children, home schools them and waits for the big boy to come home for her to cook his dinner. I bet she enjoys this time when he is running for president. he can't come home as much to get her with child. Some reporters are saying this is Santrum's faith what I want to know is why all his faith is about kicking women in the teeth?

They are burying Whitney Huston today, to show how much I am a fan of pop music I must tell you I didn't know such a person lived until she died if it isn't country I just don't hear it.

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Sister--Three said...

The media called her a druggie in life but when she died they decided she was a saint. What a deal.