Saturday, March 10, 2012

are you kidding?

Michigan couple and 4 month old son has been missing for a month.'Timothy and Sabrina are very private people and left their home and business with out taking anything and the family was concerned now Mr. Medsker has called his sister
it seems the media pressure made them come forward. They said that they're fine
and that they don't want to have any more communication.' he said. seems Mr. Medsker called his sister and said they are fine but don't want any more contact with anyone.
The police said they had dropped their investigation since Mr. Medsker said on the phone to his sister everything is OK !You have to be kidding, he is OK but is the wife and baby OK? I would want to see them in the flesh with out Mr. Medsker present to be sure. They maybe in a shallow grave some where.
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