Saturday, March 10, 2012

saturday and bakery goods

Good morning, frosty here. Saturday morning and the sun is shinning.
I have had a hard time since Thursday morning. My wound was draining full speed ahead after 36 hours it finally slowed down. It is amazing the things that make you feel glad. It stopped at 6 o'clock last night. I had been changing the bandages ever 15 minutes for 36 hours and my skin was on fire but I am better now.
I suppose Sammy will be off to Huntiville today to the sale.
I saw the neighbor down the hill forsythia was in full bloom. Sammy said he saw dogwood in bloom yesterday.
3 of my red hens had laid all ready when I went to feed.
I had never seen the movie "bodyguard" with Whitney Huston in it so I thought I would be on the look out for it and last night they had it on the biology channel so I watched it. I didn't think it was all that great of a movie.
Fleta came by and got her rugs yesterday. She was going to pick up the red haired kids. I gave her the bogon caps I had bought and she said they were just what the red heads would need next winter. She would put them away for future use since the children tended to Loose every thing.
Sammy made a trip to Harrison and bought cakes, cookies and bread at a bakery Donnie told him about, His plan was to sell most of it at the sale but I got on the phone and gave a lot of it away. He still has several boxes of cakes but every thing else is gone. Kelly's step son took the bread and Sammy was amazed they wanted the bread. I told him bread was over 2 dollars a loaf and a lot of people didn't have bread to eat every day like we did. He said it was in shopping carts, bread and boxes of cakes like hostage cakes for 6 dollars a shopping cart. I don't suppose it was that way every day but they hit it at a good time I think.
A shopping cart of bread at 6 dollars is a real bargain not counting all those cakes and pies. The pies were fruit pies like we buy in the store for 75 cents to a dollar. Sammy had a bag with probably 15 fruit pies . He bought 2 carts which was 12 dollars and Kelly, Jamie and we have a lot of bakery good in the frig plus bread. He told Kelly he was going to feed the bread to the chickens but when I went out this morning there was no bread left. I guess Kelly cleaned him out on the way to the truck. LOL

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Sister--Three said...

Two ladies at school bring me their own bread. The chickens love it.