Tuesday, March 27, 2012

something going on

The Jet Blue captain’s episode is the second time this month that a member of flight crew’s mental breakdown has grounded a flight.
On March 9, an American Airlines flight attendant screamed ‘don’t blame me if we crash’ and ranted about 9/11 over the intercom during the pre-flight safety briefing.

First class passengers on the flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Chicago had to help cabin crew restrain the attendant, who suffered from bipolar disorder.

Terrified onlookers called 911, telling police that the flight crew were plotting to crash the plane over the intercom.

The plane was turned around and taxied back to the gate where the woman was arrested.

In January 2008, an Air Canada flight attendant had to help make an emergency landing in Ireland after the co-pilot had a nervous breakdown.

The co-pilot had to be dragged from the cockpit after he started ranting and become ‘uncooperative’ in the cockpit.

He was sedated by doctors onboard the flight from Toronto to London, while the hostess who held a commercial pilot’s license took the co-pilot’s seat and helped land the plane at Shannon airport in Ireland.

I think someone is putting something in their coffee.

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The 4th Sister said...

then just this afternoon a Jet Blue Piolit broke down and the co pilot had to take over