Monday, March 26, 2012

a killing in Flordia

The black teenager in Florida killed by a community watch man named Zimmerman. Zimmerman claims he was in fear for his life and he shot to death Trayvon Martin .
Lets consider the facts that are known for certain. Zimmerman pursued the teen . Trayvon Marton was 17 years old and weight 140 pounds. Zimmerman weighs 175 pounds. Zimmerman had a gun and the teen had a bag of candy. Zimmerman claims he had a broken nose and a gash on his hear from the attack none of which can be proved because he has been in hiding every since the deed was done.
Now I ask you do you believe that crap?
Zimmerman claims he didn't kill the teen because he was black. Oh OK, he killed him because he had a gun and could.
These are the known facts. Zimmerman pursues the teenager until he cornered him. Zimmerman said he was tired of these GOONS or Coons which ever you hear getting away. Martin is dead. What do you think happen.

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