Tuesday, April 03, 2012

going to the grave yard today , maybe

For all the talk of some kind of secret plot by President Obama to take away everyone’s guns, no such conspiracy has taken place. And as Bill Maher argued tonight, it’s actually quite the opposite. Taking this as part of a larger trend of Democrats capitulating on issues and allowing Republicans to get whatever they want done, he said that Obama has been nothing but helpful to the gun industry. There has been more guns and ammunition sold since Obama came into office than ever before. President Obama said he is "confident" the health law will be upheld. talk about being a Optimistic person. He has more than his share. Have you noticed how grey he has become in the last few months? I have a problem with my new blogger thingy, I put in indentations and such but when I post it is all one big thingy. What is wrong? On the lighter side I noticed some of the blogs I read is having the same problem with their thingies. I want to go to the grave yard today and plant a Peony on Janet's grave if I don't lose my courage.


The 4th Sister said...

some glitch in blogger I'll bet..I had that same problem months ago. it just got fixed....at least we do not have those single letters and few letters running along side your pics where it takes 4 lines to make a word and it is like a word search to figure it out...not that I complain...LOL

Anonymous said...

Hope you get the courage to go to Janet's grave.