Tuesday, April 03, 2012

no going today

No grave yard for me today unless the hearse take me, I just barley was able to feed and water the garden. I put some pepper seeds in a egg carton in some potting medium and planted the 4 peonies roots I had in a pot, into my garden. I still have to plant the 2 sage plants I bought at wal-marts. One is a regular sage and the other was a pineapple sage .The site I found had this to say about it.
Pineapple Sage should be called Hummingbird Highway. Its profuse bright red tubular flowers and its attraction to hummingbirds are reason enough to plant this late season bloomer. The flower photo is pineapple sage. which my computer says is a Salvia. Pineapple Sage does have a pineappley fragrance, but it's only real use in cooking is as a fresh edible flower. The flowers are reminiscent of Honeysuckle and make a colorful addition to salads, fruit cocktails or any garnish. They are particularly attractive with yellow or green bell pepper. They can be sugared and used to garnish cakes or cookie platters. My tomatoes are doing good since I set them on the porch. The dirt in my made up garden was so hard when I watered I took a rake and scratched my lettuce bed and just in time I think, In a feed minutes I looked and saw lettuce sprouting.

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