Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday 13 ----Huh,O

I have moved my tomato plant around and now have 3 containers . I have to bring them in every night because if it rains or turns cold, since I don't have a roof over my porch it could be a disaster so I lug them in then lug them out in the morning. I have some hot peppers seeds planted in two egg cartons and I put them under the dome lid of the BBQ cover as soon as they start to grow I will have to put them in a larger container and that will be some thing else to carry in at night. Fleta is going to take part of the tomatoes so I will have one less pot to lug around. In economics, a commodity is the generic term for any marketable item produced to satisfy wants or needs.[1] Economic commodities comprise goods and services
The term commodity was used before the onset of food stamps to name the program the government had for distributing free food such as rice, cheese and peanut butter to people who were in need. With that in mind Fleta called about my post that stated I would give her fresh pork if she would pick it up. She said She would be by today to pick up her COMMODITIES. I have eggs for her also some tomato plants , remember the saying teach a woman to fish and she can feed her self? She can grow tomatoes and get Clayton's incubator to set eggs and she could feed her self of course Tyson has a saying on their trucks, at least they did at one time "FEEDING YOU LIKE FAMILY." and Fleta has that down pat.


The 4th Sister said...


Lottie said...

Hi Patsy - so very sorry to hear your sad news.

At the time you left the comment I wasn't well myself so wasn't on the computer much - and you typed 'did' in your sentence so I had no idea that she had passed away.

You are in my thoughts

I didn't have your email address either - so I am sorry to have to leave a comment on here rather than a private personal email to you.

God bless

Winnie said...

Glad to see Helen posting on your blog...I have been worried about her

Sister--Three said...

Sister, I will pass on to Siggie the dangers of hand feeding horses.

I wish you were not so far away...I would come by for commodities.