Thursday, April 12, 2012


Two photos of The fellow in Florida that they just arrested for second degree murder. The one when he did the deed and the other thinner , slimmer photo yesterday when he went to jail. I would say he has spent a few days sleepless nights and has skipped a few meals. The negro population has really been clambering for his blood and the powers that be have bowed to their request by arresting Zimmerman. I was thinking that some of the southern died in the wool begets are thinking that those niggers wont be happy until they rule the country maybe they will want a man in the white house next!LOL We have rain in the forecast for several days maybe my lettuce will come up this time. when I FEED the hens, MY LETTUCE AND GREEN BEANS WERE COMING UP. THE LETTUCE HAD BEEN IN THE GROUND FOR 4 DAYS! THE OTHER PLANTING OF LETTUCE HAD BEEN IN THE GROUND FOR 10 DAYS. I just threw the bean seed in the ground because I had it , if it doesn't get frost bit or froze we will have green beans. I am as happy as Robert would be with a new truck. I got 28 eggs. Sammy didn't gather them last night.


Anonymous said...

I have not gotten the rest of my garden planted. I hope I get it in soon.

Sister--Three said...

Zimmerman may be our kin through the Carpentar's as they were Zimmerman's in Germany.